The Type of Clients We Serve

Our client roster includes 150 of the fastest growing law firms in the U.S. and Canada.  We work with a diverse array of practice areas including family, estate planning, personal injury, elder, criminal defense, tax and tax defense, intellectual property, business, immigration, real estate, litigation and employment.

Our clients join as at various stages of growth and financial success.  We service small startup solo firms, firms with eight figures of gross revenue and firms everywhere in between. 

We have different programs to fit different needs, so whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, we have solutions to help you accelerate your firm’s financial footing.

Why Should You Even Care About Bookkeeping?

Running your business without timely, accurate metrics coming from a trusted bookkeeper is like driving your car with no dashboard.  You have no indication of the speed you’re moving and how much gas is left in the tank to get you to your destination. You also don’t know if the firm’s check engine light is on – indicating you have an issue that needs to be looked at before it causes the engine to blow up.

Bookkeeping is a foundational investment in any business.  In the legal industry, it’s even more important because you need an expert who knows how to reconcile your trust account.  Bookkeeping That Doesn’t Suck has the team, expertise, resources and technology to deliver a superior bookkeeping product every month. 

How Are We Experts in the Legal Booking Game?

Bookkeeping That Doesn’t Suck is the largest and fastest growing small law firm bookkeeping company in the U.S.  We have the privilege of being a subsidiary of How To Manage Enterprises – the largest small law firm practice advisor in the country.  BTDS has been developed by experts in the legal industry who bring decades of combined experience in running and growing the most profitable law firms across North America.  Our in-house experts include CPAs, MBAs, practicing attorneys, Professional Legal Administrators and successful entrepreneurs.  We’ve developed a bookkeeping program whose key metrics focus on your growth and running your firm more profitably. 

What’s Up With Our Name? What Is a Bookkeeper Who Sucks?

The reason most bookkeepers suck isn’t because they can’t or don’t deliver timely and accurate records, reconciliations and reports. 

The reason most bookkeepers suck is because they don’t even bother to explain the financials to be sure the client understands what they’re looking at.  And they don’t bother to mention things that stand out that the client should investigate more closely.

A bookkeeper who doesn’t suck cares enough about you as a client to raise the red flag, educate you about their observations and make sure that you have the information you need to make growth decisions in your firm.  They know the law firm should work for you, not the other way around, and that “profit” and “total owner benefit” aren’t dirty words.

What Our Clients Are Saying