Bookkeeping That Doesn’t Suck Handles Your Law Firm Bookkeeping

We are not a law firm. We are not an accounting firm. We are an accounting firm for law firms. In fact, we are the premier law firm bookkeeping and trust account management company in the country. Our goal is to take this burden away from you—we focus on law firm bookkeeping so you can focus on your firm.

BTDS Is a Division of the Largest Law Firm Management Consulting Company in North America

BTDS is a division of the largest law firm practice advisor in North America: How to Manage a Small Law Firm (HTM). HTM acts as an advisor to over 600 high growth law firms for which they serve as fractional CEO, COO and/or CFO. How to Manage a Small Law Firm is the leading authority on growing small law firms and helping law firms owners live the lives they want to live. This means that by working with BTDS, you’ll have access to all of the critical information and strategies needed to make your firm work for you.

We Are a Comprehensive Law Firm Bookkeeping Service

BTDS is one of the fastest-growing law firm bookkeeping companies in the U.S. Our services include:

  • Month end close
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Financial analysis
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Trust account reconciliation
  • Education and support on what your numbers mean

Unlike most bookkeepers, we understand the unique challenges of law firm bookkeeping, which has its own industry-specific tasks and procedures.

Expertise in Trust Account Reconciliation

A three-way trust reconciliation (or “three-way match” reconciliation) is the process of assuring that every client matter balance held in the trust bank account also matches to your case management system trust ledger, as well as your accounting ledger. This reconciliation is crucial to staying in compliance with your state bar and making sure that your billing process is smooth – allowing you to extract the most value out of client trust retainers.


We understand it’s your law firm, and you want to know what’s going on with your numbers. We pride ourselves on providing accurate and timely reporting, and we’ll take the time to explain everything we do. Eventually, you’ll understand your firm’s finances to the extent that you can pivot quickly and leverage our data to make decisions that help grow the firm and achieve your personal financial goals.

We Use Only Industry-Leading Technology

We continue to invest in industry-leading accounting and finance technology. Forward thinking professional service firms need to have an eye on the future and must have a strategy that allows them to implement technology that drives their firms forward.

We are also Profit First certified, which is a financial management strategy designed to ensure that your firm is more profitable.

Support From a Team of Accountants

We will support your firm with a team of talented and experienced accountants. You won’t have any trouble finding us, and you’ll always have access to your critical financial information. Our team will join your team, and we’ll work tirelessly for your success in the same way you do.

Let Us Focus on the Numbers So You Can Focus on Your Firm

You’re a law firm owner. We’re the law firm’s bookkeepers and accountants. We’ll take care of your finances for you so you can do the job you were meant to do – growing your firm and ensuring client success. Critical legal thinking takes a distraction-free environment, and we’ll give that to you.

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