small law firm Bookkeeping that Does Not Suck

Bookkeeping services
exclusively for solo and
small law firm owners.

Your Firm’s Financial Health is NOT the Place to Hope, Guess, or Wing it. And yet… that’s how most small law firm owners are managing their bookkeeping.

Answer these questions…
Do you know if you are running into any cashflow issues in the next 90 days?
Do you know how much you’re taking home every year?
Do you know if your expenses are growing at a faster rate than your revenue?

You can’t manage what you don’t measure,
and you can’t measure what you don’t know.

Why You Should Choose Bookkeeping That Does Not Suck:

Bookkeeping That Does Not Suck is a full-service bookkeeping program designed to address the unique challenges of the solo and small law firm owner. We are here to help simplify the bookkeeping process and produce reports that allow you to understand your numbers and stay informed about what’s happening under the hood.

You need a team who specializes in MANAGING MONEY and empowers you to focus on what really matters—growing your business to fund the life you want to live.

How Bookkeeping That Does Not Suck Benefits You:


You will participate in a short crash course during which you will learn to not be afraid of your numbers and take ownership of your firm’s financials.


You will gain a crystal-clear understanding of your financial reports so that you can confidently lead your team and maintain a line of sight into the financial health of your firm.


Our bookkeeping team will pull the data and classify your business transactions to maintain the books and only contact you as necessary. Month-end financial reports will show you what you need to know, and we hand it to you in intuitive, user-friendly ways so you can track your business health and performance even if you hate numbers and data.


Armed with keen insight into your financial records, you will be empowered to make relevant and proactive business decisions with quality data. Additionally, you will have the tools to plan for cash crunches.


The tools we provide allow you to analyze your firm’s performance at a quick glance with comparative data to the prior year and budgets. They will also aid you in understanding exactly what you are paying for and the best timeline for hiring new team members.


We provide timely financials reports, giving you the ability to make business decisions based on solid financial information before it’s too late.


We help you stay in compliance with your trust account by clearly delineating the firm’s operations and trust liability. Additionally, we help you separate business and personal expenses to avoid commingling of these as a means of protecting your corporate veil.


Bookkeeping That Does Not Suck minimizes costly, damaging errors that stem from making uninformed decisions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Good Bookkeepers are hard to find.
We’re making this easy for you by providing a comprehensive package that saves you time, protects your money, and empowers you to make smart decisions for your firm and your family.

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